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Metric Express is your fast and friendly online metric size metal retailer. We have no minimum order and all of our pricing is available online.

Size mm

Our flat bar (a.k.a rectangular bar) is either cold drawn material which has a smooth finish, or keystock which has tight tolerances. The first number indicates the width of the bar and the second number indicates the thickness.

Stainless Steel is corrosion resistant steel containing chromium. All of our Stainless Steel is cold drawn and turned ground and Polished (TGP). In order of machinability the grades are as follows: 303, 304, 304L (low carbon- corrosion resistant), and 316.

Choose your metal grade below.

Our material is sourced globally and will generally comply with European or American specifications. Please know your metal grade requirements before placing your order.

Choose your metric size below.

All of our products are sold in metric dimensions. All tubing is indicated first by the outside diameter (OD), then by wall thickness.

Please specify length below.

All of our lengths are measured in feet. All material has a + or - 6” length tolerance. We sell our material in standard lengths only. You will be given options for your cuts in the next step.

Metric Round Tube Carbon Cold Finished 304 10 x 5  
Metric Square Tube Stainless Steel   12 x 8  
Metric Rectangular Tube     15 x 4  
Metric Round Bar     15 x 5  
Metric Square Bar     20 x 5  
Metric Hex Bar     30 x 5  
Metric Flat Bar     30 x 6  
Metric Angle     30 x 10  
Metric Channel        
Metric I-Beam